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MARTINA  is a brand of handmade artisanal hats for women. It was born in May 2022. MARTINA creates designs for modern, fashionable, and risky women. Exclusive from beginning to the end, our processes start in Mexico where the best high-quality materials are used to get the final designer touch before going to our clients' wardrobes.



Alejandra Cardenas is the founder and designer of the brand. A young woman born in the US and raised in Mexico till her late 17s when she came back. She's the second of ten sisters. Mother of two lovely children that inspire all of her projects. 

The main inspiration in Alejandra's life and style has been her father, Martín, to whom she pays homage with the name of the brand.

More than a brand, her purpose is to share a lifestyle. Alejandra has always been a dreamer, persevering, and enterprising woman. She is constantly in the genuine search for her best version and thus manages to inspire the people around her such as her family and her community of followers on social networks.

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